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Heavy Metal

by Booze Control

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Silver is the day Golden is the night We're on the way, it's hell to pay Guitar amps ignite We're coming like a shot Like a thunderbolt The red and hot is all we got We can't be controlled! Doors can't keep us out Walls are going down Booze Control are on parole Hardest band in town The crowd is going wild What happens? We can't tell The ground it shakes, the earth awakes They're coming straight from hell! They're alive and they've broken their banes And they drink with delight But the headache is all that remains From this glorious night No drink is strong enough None they haven't tried They want more just like before They can't be satisfied Full of raging fire Restless to the bone At breaking dawn they will be gone You'll hear their final moan
Facing the massacre of mankind The greed in the Blackwater remains You should not wait, you should not hesitate They will come and boil the blood that's in your veins There she lies, waiting in the silence Preparing for the final grand slam An ironclad, low in the water This is the torpedo ram Thunder Child Thunder Child Racing the tripods to the shoreline Honour-bound the Child is alone The warships are stripped of their power By distance and horrors unknown The guns of the charger are silent The leviathan's picking up speed To tear down all that stands in its way The ram it has to succeed A proof of courage that a man has seldom seen A show of force that mankind got by the machine The dawn of hope that we'll be able to withstand The invaders crushed by Thunder's iron hand A proof of courage that a man has seldom seen Only wreckage where the Thunder Child has been The dawn of hope that we'll be able to withstand A heroic deed, though worthless in the end We were slaughtered but there never was a war In a snap they had had us wounded to the core All is over and they've not even begun They will choose you and then catch you on the run Shoot 'em, shoot 'em down Shoot that fucker down
I set out with a party of seven All eager to honour their vow We ventured further than anyone before But our harsh trek is over now Night after night, day after day We are breaking the strength of the stone The water is surging, my realm is emerging And underground I'll mount the throne The lay of the land can be your friend But our way is to shape it as needed Ores of great worth, vastly covered with earth A hindrance that's easily defeated Burning lignite and firing the clay And smelting the iron to steel To defend all the wealth that is rightfully mine In caverns so deep they're concealed Strike the earth Strike the earth By the blood of the ancestors Your only chance is to strike Can you stand the killing For the god that forged your chains And keeps you starving as his slave Can you stand the spilling Of the blood that scorched your veins And they will carve into your grave That they are returning Vile and dark the force is marching To the giant gate of stone Oh, the world is burning With a spark the fire's hatching And will burn you to the bone There's only so much that a warrior can stand 'til madness is taking the lead Can no longer tell a friend from a foe Trapped never again to be freed Fight after fight, fray after fray They've been breaking our bodies and minds The blood and the fire and a lunatic cry Our fate has been sealed in the mines The fire fills the field The bodies feed the flames
Outlaw 03:07
All I have are horse and gun My only company the sun Whisky haze still clouds my mind My way home is still left to find To where I'm from I can't return They'd banish me, they'd make me burn I was a young boy left for dead And now there's money on my head They came up and called me The quickest gun in the west I ran away, I broke free Didn't take no break, no rest Nowadays I aim to misbehave I rob the towns and states and men Take them to their grave Outlaw! I am an Outlaw! Outlaw! You can not run My last friend I've shot dead one day For he kept standing in my way Took his belt and boots and hat Left him out here like a rat I ate his horse, I drank his Booze Had more to win and less to lose Got five more bullets for my gun And then I was back on the run They came up and called me The enemy of the state I ran away, I broke free If they try to catch me they'll be too late Nowadays I aim to misbehave I rob the towns and states and men Take them to their grave Run, run, far away Run, run, do not stay Hide by the bushes, by the sea You cannot get away from me! Outlaw!
Powertrain 04:16
The metal snake's asleep in the silent night Only its demonic eyes are burning bright A relic made of steel from times foregone The power has been sealed for way too long Jump Jump on Suddenly the engine starts to wake Its metal chain the Powertrain is gonna break Smoke is rising up to the silent wind Take a ride on the Powertrain Power prevails, Heavy Metal on rails Take a ride on the Powertrain Stopped by no hand it will rage through the land Merciless for all that's in its way Riding at the speed of light's our power play Fast as lightning, loud as thunder roar The train will rage the land for evermore Ride Ride On If you dare to take a ride with me A one-way trip to destiny Hold on tight, we're going at full speed Faster and faster, it cannot slow down With thunder it's breaking the barrier of sound Louder and louder, the train is coming near Incredible power is finally here Come on and take a ride On the Powertrain Take a ride with us Power level: Insane!
The tall, vengeful warrior Is pacing through the night On his left a raven sits The Golem to his right The guards of justice shake with fear When these two tyrants strike Murderous and blind with rage For them you're all alike A match made in heaven A pair straight from hell Meet them in battle You won't live to tell about the Gruesome Twosome, they're coming for you Gruesome Twosome, your nightmares are true Grabbed by the fist, held by the claws You'll never get away Driven by mechanic minds They feast on your dismay You're free once more and turn to run Your soldiers left behind You stumble fall and then you die They penetrate your mind Champions of the other side Are charging us in vain The man beside me changes form As we defend our lane I charge my fist, they leave the ground Feel they've lost the fight All that's left after the fray Are shadows in the night
Hellspawn 02:33
Called upon powers Beyond what I ever conceived Spoke ancient words Whose might I did never believe The blade in my hand Is still red with blood Stronger I stand Hellspawn, son of the dark Fruit of the devil's loins Given to me The strength I eternally craved I sold my soul It can no longer be saved
Atlantis 04:16
On the Isle of Atlantis far beyond The pillars of Hercules There we lived, ever since creation dawned In lasting prosperity Overflowing riches on our land Gave us the strength to make our stand Against all who'd envy our glory and might The wrath of Poseidon by our side Atlantis, oh island blessed by the gods Atlantis, your might shall crack the earth Atlantis, oh city of power unseen Atlantis, Atlantis, how could you fall? In a time long gone we knew the ways Sacrifice of human lives We stood witness to mankind's darkest days Before we knew the flames Across the borders of our land We reached out with a strong right hand To bring our wealth to the lamentable weak Carry mankind to its peak Mighty walls come crashing down None of us are innocent All we built shall turn to ashes Nothing left to make amends Atlantis, oh island cursed by the gods Atlantis, your might was not enough Atlantis, you summoned this doom for yourself Atlantis, Atlantis it's time to fall
Once a very lonesome cowboy Known by every whore Whoever tried to steal his Scotch Shall walk the earth no more He took it all, he filled his bags At every place he passed Each sheriff looked the other way His Colts were just too fast But envy plotted And his trail was spotted So they came and laid a trap Became a stranger And then vanished from danger To return into this band A bitter warlord served by thousands On his fiery throne Protected by a blackened armour Made from dragon bone Born a craftsman poor and weak Derided for his size Decapitated those who laughed And up to king he'd rise But with rage so endless And a heart relentless He found nothing worth to defend New frontiers he searched And so he wandered this earth Until his fate brought him to this band And so the legend begins We are the Booze, all hell is breaking loose This is our game, we are here, we will reign We are Control, the dices have been rolled Up to the top through life and death A barbarian, his axe so mighty He puts his foes to rest His enemies they shake with fear Can't stop him on his quest Through the wild he prowls at night To fight for what is true He seeks out all who shame his gods And then he runs them through But those he stood up for They stood by him no more Alone to make his stand He crossed the seas His mind never at peace Until he found this band We are the Booze We are Control And a tender youngling sent from heaven To study human kind Golden locks and velvet wings Carried his brittle mind Overwhelmed by evil's force But eager to withstand And while he clenched his shattered hopes The Devil put forth his hand He tasted gin And got corrupted with sin And therefore bound to remain on land His wings decayed And for a lifetime he strayed Until he reached sky again in this band And so the prophecy fulfilled
You can take all the land You can fly to the air You can dig so very deep underground You can't follow my scent You'll see my footprints nowhere No, you'll never hunt me down 'til my very death I will fight for all men Who've been lied to and who've been oppressed 'til my final breath I'll be fighting your land And destroy you to the very last I chose this life of freedom Long ago, dive into the dark I see so clearly now I swim with the shark The world you vindicate Is nothing more than savagery embarked I'm judge and jury, too I swim with the shark You can shoot all you like Try to tie me with ropes It doesn't matter in the end With a sting of my spike I will shatter your hopes Bones will break and steel will bend You are the tinder box that's gonna blow From one electric spark When you are long-gone I still swim with the shark Today is judgement day You've overstepped the final mark The sea is painted red You're fed to the shark


released February 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Booze Control Brunswick, Germany

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